Chubby Bunny challenge + Bonus round fail

 Set it for HD!

My first ever proper makeup video.

 Kinda nerve wracking to upload this video. But, So many other people have done videos like this. so I can do it too. Leave suggestion for videos you would like me to do and make sure you give me some critique, good and bad so I know what to work on. An make sure you set the video for HD. xoxo

The TMI tag.

 Hey people! here is the video I mentioned in my previous post and it is the TMI tag. I Decided to film outside and I didn't think of the wind hitting the mic so I'm sorry about that. And set the video for HD to see it in better quality. Like subscribe and levae requasts if you want.

Star for life.

 Here is the vlog I have been wosking on for CAS from Star for life two weeks ago, it took alot of work to edit but soooo much fun learing new skills. Please like the video if you enjoyed it, also subscribe to my channel for future videos. And remember to set it for HD as always.
Big thank you to my girl Emma who helped me to get the majority of the footage in the video!

Monthly haul: February 2014 💕

I promised I would be more active on youtube so here is my monthly haul video. I hope you like it and make sure to leave video requests and suggestions in the comments if theres anything in particular that you would like to see. Also, make sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel for future videos.
And as always, make sure to set the video for HD.

November Faves!

Made this video at the beginning of the week but completely forgot to share it here. As always, set it for HD or the quality will be rubbish. Like and subscibe!

The fishtail braid.

Here is my latest video! This s a very quick and easy little tutorial of how to make a fishtail braid. Make sure to set the video for HD or the quality of the video will be noticably horrible.  

October Favourites Haul.

 Here is my October Favourites Haul. Make sure to set it for HD of the quality of the video will not be as good. If you liked it make sure to give the video a thumbs up, you can also comment you favourite item or just tell me what you're loving at the moment. Also subscibe for future uploads. 

Little red riding hood + DIY cape. Halloween outfit.

Make sure to set it for HD or the quality of the video will be pretty terrible. I had so so so much fun filming and editing this. But bare with me, I know the voice-over could've been better, but hey it was the first time I did such a video. Anyhow, hope you enjoy it and I'd aprieciate it if you could please subscribe. Let me know what you're dressing up as for halloween.

September favourites haul.

Här är min nya September favourites haul video. Skulle verkligen uppskatta att ni subscribe till min channel.
(Sätt videon till HD så blir bilden mycket bättre)

My name is Minnie Barnaby, 17 years old. I am a fashion victim and travel enthusiast. Enough said.



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