pink sugar crush.

Absolutely in love with my new nailvarnish from Rimmel! 

New in: Zara

Playsuit which I think will look great once it get warm outside with tanned legs and a pair of heels.
A white blazer that you can match with pretty much anything.


All from H&M! 

new in.

Boots from Nome (apparantly made/designed by Tommy Hilfiger)
Necklace from H&M

iPhone 5C

I am absoluteley in love with my new iPhone!
It was about time I got a new phone. I had the old iPhone 3GS for a long time but now I've finally got one thats more up to date. It's so remarkably fast and the camera quality is rather incredible since it's just a phone. Both front view camera and the main camera have been improved from the lastest version.
Apple, yet again, amaaazing products!


New sunnies from Zara!

My name is Minnie Barnaby, 17 years old. I am a fashion victim and travel enthusiast. Enough said.



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