Last nights.

H&M top, BrandyMelville skirt, Shoes from Thailand, Juicy Couture necklace, Forever21 bracelet, Accessorize earrings.


 Set the video for HD.

pink sugar crush.

Absolutely in love with my new nailvarnish from Rimmel! 

Work it baby

Tomorrow will be my last day at one for my 3 jobs this summer and I'm actualy feeling quite relieved that this job has finally come to an end. Im greatful that i got that job but I dont think it's a place I would want to go back to unfortunately.
Anyway, today I finished at six, then I had to rush to an information meeting for my other job, I think I start working there in roughly 2 weeks or so. And this job is so me, it's organized, it has to do with social media with focus on instagram. I will tell you more abut it when I've got more information but I can tell already that this job is right up my ally. 

Chubby Bunny challenge + Bonus round fail

 Set it for HD!

Beach gals.

Had my best girls come spend the weekend with me and we went to the beeeeach! The weather was almost perfect, sun was shining, a slight breeze but later on I started to feel little raindrops. But, other than that I had a lovely time. We also got Fish and Chips from the double decker parked down by the beach, we're talking real british fish and chips so I was more than happy.

Keep voting

I need more votes you guys. I want this so badly and every single vote I can get will be so appreciated. Please go click on "rösta" as many times as you can.

One last dinner

Today has been so busy! Went to work at 10, finished at 6. Rushed to the train to go meet up Emma, Anna and their parents to have a last dinner together before their parents move back to America. I had a lovely, massive burger and some massive potatoe chips, so yummy. Had such a lovely evening, good food, good conversation and good people. 

My first ever proper makeup video.

 Kinda nerve wracking to upload this video. But, So many other people have done videos like this. so I can do it too. Leave suggestion for videos you would like me to do and make sure you give me some critique, good and bad so I know what to work on. An make sure you set the video for HD. xoxo

busy busy busy

yeah, I know. I said I was going to be better at posting here. Ive been working the past week at my new summerjob at the Red cross. Might bot be that most exiting job but atleast I'll earn a fair bit of money which is nice. I work from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. So the days are pretty long and by the time I get home I'm absolutely exhausted. 

Au revoir little city

I'm of to Stockholm for a few days. Something superdupermegafun is bound to happen on Friday! 
And we danced all night to the best song ever...

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was shit, and Tuesday was even more shit. So let's start with what happened Monday. So first of all, when I get to the bus after walking from my house I notice I forgot my bus card at home so I had to go back and get it. This time I decided to ride my pennyboard down to the bus, then I fall off my board, roadburn both my knees ankles and scraped my fingers, splendid! When I finally get up I noticed a tagg I had cracked the screen on my phone. So the day went on and school ended and I was going to take the bus home. I get on the same bus as I always do, but of course since I already had such bad luck that day, why not add yet another problem. The bus decides to stop in te middle of nowhere and says that was the last stop. My only thought was "wtf have I done to deserve all this rubbish to day". Luckily my mom could come and pick me up. 

Then there was tuesday. Started of good, was last day of school for me. But then we come to the psychology lesson. I walk in to the class room, wearing shorts, a crop top and a shirt over, not that this should really matter but it did. The first thing I hear from my teacher is "what are you wearing?? Does your father know you come to school dressed like that" and all I kept thinking was "ummmm what?". So the lesson starts and we were given back our essays. Then my teacher decides to tell everyone how I did on mine, which wasn't too good. Really pissed me off. So I just say there and I could just feel it boiling inside of me. Then this teacher decided to call me Mimmi for the rest of the lesson as if he had forgotten my name or something. 

So yeah I had two really messed up days in other words. 

Excuse moi.

Hey and yes I am alive. So I havent posted anything here since the 24th of may which is a llong time ago. And there is a reason fro that. Since its the end of the school year we have had extremely much to do and I actually still have a few things left I need to hand in and what not. But, since we break up for school this upcoming week I will have time to post entries here and be more active. I will try my very best to update more frequently.
And as I'm writing this post, I'm also uploading a new video to my youtube channel and I will post it here later on when it has finished processing. I'm aslo going to make a Haul video for May when I get the time for it. 

Let's go to the beach

So yesterday Anna and myself went to te beach for the first time this year and it was so so lovely. Sunny sky, warm sand and breezy wind, perfect. Was really nice just hanging out the te of us taking about girl stuff and just having a really relaxed time together. 

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Little love


New shoesies and babylips

So I Went to gothernburg last weekend and these are the main things I got. The UGG's were up for a really really good price, we're talking like 70% off. Really pleased with them, haven't seen alot of people with this design which is nice because it means that not everyone will have the same ones as me. And the babylips couldn't have had a better name. It literally feels babysoft and I love how the colour isn't superintense but yet a fair pop of colour.

Amsterdam shopping haul and creepy druggies.

 Here is my haul video of the bits and pieces that i got while I was in Amsterdam. As mentioned before, I had such alovely time and it's sucha beautiful place to visit. Make sure to set it for HD as always, subscirbe like and all of that. You know the drill haha. Oh, and please leave me video requests!

new blog design in process.

Okay, so I'm thinking that should update the appearance of my blog because I feel like it's getting kinda old now and it's kinda dark. So, I've been working on some designs but I don't know if I like them so far. But anyway, some time soon I will change it so a more fresh and light looking design. If there is anyone who knows how to make one of those "pull down menues" (the ones that are at the top of the blog and when you hover the mouse over it, it comes down and theres different categories to chose from etc) then please please please let me know how you do it. 

Mother & daughter time in the big city.

Today me and madre decided to take the train to Gothenburg which is my favourite city in Sweden. We did a fair amount of shopping and I made a realy good deal on some friking UGG's. I also FINALLY got hold of the BabyLips lipbalms that have just been released in Sweden and then I also got some really nice pants, very bohemian looking which I very much like. I had such a fun day with mum walking around checking out all the cute guys and shop, shop, shop. Then we ended off the day with some amazing cheesecake and Chai, delishious!

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