Let's go to the beach

So yesterday Anna and myself went to te beach for the first time this year and it was so so lovely. Sunny sky, warm sand and breezy wind, perfect. Was really nice just hanging out the te of us taking about girl stuff and just having a really relaxed time together. 

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Little love


New shoesies and babylips

So I Went to gothernburg last weekend and these are the main things I got. The UGG's were up for a really really good price, we're talking like 70% off. Really pleased with them, haven't seen alot of people with this design which is nice because it means that not everyone will have the same ones as me. And the babylips couldn't have had a better name. It literally feels babysoft and I love how the colour isn't superintense but yet a fair pop of colour.

Amsterdam shopping haul and creepy druggies.

 Here is my haul video of the bits and pieces that i got while I was in Amsterdam. As mentioned before, I had such alovely time and it's sucha beautiful place to visit. Make sure to set it for HD as always, subscirbe like and all of that. You know the drill haha. Oh, and please leave me video requests!

new blog design in process.

Okay, so I'm thinking that should update the appearance of my blog because I feel like it's getting kinda old now and it's kinda dark. So, I've been working on some designs but I don't know if I like them so far. But anyway, some time soon I will change it so a more fresh and light looking design. If there is anyone who knows how to make one of those "pull down menues" (the ones that are at the top of the blog and when you hover the mouse over it, it comes down and theres different categories to chose from etc) then please please please let me know how you do it. 

Mother & daughter time in the big city.

Today me and madre decided to take the train to Gothenburg which is my favourite city in Sweden. We did a fair amount of shopping and I made a realy good deal on some friking UGG's. I also FINALLY got hold of the BabyLips lipbalms that have just been released in Sweden and then I also got some really nice pants, very bohemian looking which I very much like. I had such a fun day with mum walking around checking out all the cute guys and shop, shop, shop. Then we ended off the day with some amazing cheesecake and Chai, delishious!

Heaven in a pot.

So I'm just sitting in bed editing some pictures, drinking my tea and eating some friking amazing Ben & Jerry's. Deeeeelishious! 

Hello May


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