blue skies.

Zara shirt, Zara jeans, Minnetonka moccasins

il fait beau.

What a lovely day it has been today. I saw the firts butterflies and bumblebee's getting busy today. And I even took my sunchair out and tanned in a freaking BIKINI! Can you believe it?? Yes, it was warm enough to tan today and I even got some faint tanlines, happy days! My youngest brother thinks it's summer now, such a cutie!


Zara jacket, Zara croptop, Zara jeans, Jeffrey Cambpbell loafers, Zara sunnies and my beloved pennyboard from Penny Australia.


Oh it's friday, finally! I really, really, really need a little break. I need to catch up with school work and revise for my swedish IOP and also work on some CAS hours. Anyway, enough said about school.

Todays weather was unbelieveble! A whole 17 degrees outside, sun shining and blue sky, spring is definitely here. Went home from school just feeling the nice warmth from the sun hitting my face and I didn't even wear a jacket. Us swedes have to enjoy the small amounts of warmth as soon as it comes because you never know, it might be pissing down with rain the next day. But hopefully this was the sign of spring being here.

Rather be.

 I am obsessing over this song, it is so good and I just love the lyics. And not to mention, it's really catchy!




Great day today. Went to see a play, had psychology and that was it. Also went out for lunch at Asian Lotus, really good food. Then I jumped on the train and came home earlyer than normal wich was nice. Now I'm just going to spend some time on studies and then watch good show OR take out mu sketch book and do some drawing.

an outfit of mine.

Zara leather jacket, Zara jeans, Nolita top, Tessie fur vest, Tessie belt and Minnetonka moccasins.

Hey there, new hair

This is what my new hair colour looks like. Got it done on thursday but havent had time to post aything this week because I've been crazy busy. Theres going to be photobomb either tomorrow or tonight with lots of pictures from yesterdays concert and will tell you everythhing about star for life, until then i will just say it was AMAAAAAZING.

Breakfast in bed on a Monday

I just woke up from mum coming into my room with this breakfast tray, how sweet! Best way to start off the week. 

Spring fling.

spring fling
spring fling by stylebyminnie featuring a vintage black purse

No update

Boy it's been a long time since I posted a new entry! Anyway, I had a really busy week and next week is going to even more busy with tests, essays and a biiig concert performance in Gothenburg (starforlife). Today I had my little girl Mollie over who I haven't seen in like forever which was nice. Wish you all a lovely weekend! Xxx

Spring Fever

Spring fever
Spring fever by stylebyminnie featuring pave jewelry

I'm a princess I don't wanna be the queen.

Holy cannoli it's Sunday and I have to go to school tomorrow. At least I only have one class so it won't be too bad. I've had the most boring day today. I spent the entire day trying to study swedish but I ended up falling asleep with my boo jackjack next to me. At least I feel like my batteries have been recharged and I feel like I will have a good coming week. 

Late night tumblr-ing

Monthly haul: February 2014 💕

I promised I would be more active on youtube so here is my monthly haul video. I hope you like it and make sure to leave video requests and suggestions in the comments if theres anything in particular that you would like to see. Also, make sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel for future videos.
And as always, make sure to set the video for HD.

It's Friday!

Yayyyy! Had a great day today, only had one lesson which was nice and our teacher had made us brownies, so sweet of her. After school Anna and I went into town for a quick look around and then we went to her house and watched Wreck it Ralph (no one is too old for Disney). 

I will always catch up with you

My room 💕

I finally sorted out my room properly and it feels great with everything in it's right place and it's all neat and tidy. 

Stop the bullshit

Tumblr my dear


No school for me

All the trains and busses to school were canceled today for some reason so I couldn't get to school, what's shame (he he he). So today I'm just staying home and taking the time to study swedish. 

sunday, fun-day.

Today I spent the day with my two of my favourite girls, my adorable little cousins. I hadn't seen them in ages so it was really nice to see them. We did some baking, played a few games, watched funny videos and other thing that 8-10 year old girls do. 


Little white flowers have appeared in our garden, does that mean it's going to get warmer soon?

Does urban dictionary know me well??

I made my mum read this and she asked me how it could possibly be so accurate. I think I agree actually, at lest with the last half. Try typing in your name on urban dictionary and see what they say about you. 

My name is Minnie Barnaby, 17 years old. I am a fashion victim and travel enthusiast. Enough said.



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