Monday and Tuesday

Monday was shit, and Tuesday was even more shit. So let's start with what happened Monday. So first of all, when I get to the bus after walking from my house I notice I forgot my bus card at home so I had to go back and get it. This time I decided to ride my pennyboard down to the bus, then I fall off my board, roadburn both my knees ankles and scraped my fingers, splendid! When I finally get up I noticed a tagg I had cracked the screen on my phone. So the day went on and school ended and I was going to take the bus home. I get on the same bus as I always do, but of course since I already had such bad luck that day, why not add yet another problem. The bus decides to stop in te middle of nowhere and says that was the last stop. My only thought was "wtf have I done to deserve all this rubbish to day". Luckily my mom could come and pick me up. 

Then there was tuesday. Started of good, was last day of school for me. But then we come to the psychology lesson. I walk in to the class room, wearing shorts, a crop top and a shirt over, not that this should really matter but it did. The first thing I hear from my teacher is "what are you wearing?? Does your father know you come to school dressed like that" and all I kept thinking was "ummmm what?". So the lesson starts and we were given back our essays. Then my teacher decides to tell everyone how I did on mine, which wasn't too good. Really pissed me off. So I just say there and I could just feel it boiling inside of me. Then this teacher decided to call me Mimmi for the rest of the lesson as if he had forgotten my name or something. 

So yeah I had two really messed up days in other words. 

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I'm sorry you had so bad days! :( Hope today were better ♡

Svar: Aw thank you so much sweetie xxx
Minnie Barnaby

2014-06-14 @ 22:00:50

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