Last nights.

H&M top, BrandyMelville skirt, Shoes from Thailand, Juicy Couture necklace, Forever21 bracelet, Accessorize earrings.


 Set the video for HD.

pink sugar crush.

Absolutely in love with my new nailvarnish from Rimmel! 

Work it baby

Tomorrow will be my last day at one for my 3 jobs this summer and I'm actualy feeling quite relieved that this job has finally come to an end. Im greatful that i got that job but I dont think it's a place I would want to go back to unfortunately.
Anyway, today I finished at six, then I had to rush to an information meeting for my other job, I think I start working there in roughly 2 weeks or so. And this job is so me, it's organized, it has to do with social media with focus on instagram. I will tell you more abut it when I've got more information but I can tell already that this job is right up my ally. 

My name is Minnie Barnaby, 17 years old. I am a fashion victim and travel enthusiast. Enough said.



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