28th of January ♥︎

What a day!

Tuesday morning and the train is late.

This freaking snow is causing the trains to be late all the time and it makes me late for class. I love the snow and all but the trains being delayed is a right pain the back side. Thank goodness winter doesn't last all year around. 

monday, you bastard


Motor choppers.

Yesterday I spent the day at svenska mässan in Gothenburg where they had a massive motorbike exhibition. Saw so many amazing motorbikes, quadbikes, vespas and even a really cool rickshaw. 

From my tumblr.

Psychology revision.

Tomorrow I have an essay writing in psychology so I will be spending the rest if my night revising. I actually feel confident about this topic but I'm sure that's come to come back and bite me in the bum when I get my score for saying that. I must say, psychology is one of my favourite classes so i really hope I do well on this essay. #IBissuicide hehe.

Longing for spring.

longing for spring.
longing for spring. by stylebyminnie featuring brown boots

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Got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.


Go home Monday, nobody wants you here.

Good morning world! Is it just me who think Mondays should disappear and never come back??? I don't think so, im sure the majority of the people on this planet would agree with me. Anyway let's turn our positive thinking on. It monday and lots of great things could happen this week, who knows. 

"åka pulka"

It's been snowing fro 3 days straight today and theres lots of snow outside. So childish as I am, I went to my cousins house and from there we walked to this massive slope where they usually go when they go sledging/sledding and we where out for about 2 hours I think. Then we went back to the cousins house, made some hot chocolate and talked about silly nonsence. 

Jeans - Dr. Denim

Right before my mum left to go to thailand for three and a half week she ordered a pair of jeans that she new i had been looking at for a while. So she surprised me and they came in the post and I was so happy. I thught that was a really sweet thing to do of my mum. The jeans are so nice, they fit me really well! Usually I would have trouble finding jeans that fit me properly because either they're to short or too big/tight around the waist. And these were really stretchy too which is great!
Me in my new leopard print Dr. Denim Jeans.



Do you want to build a snow man?

Here is my little doodle/drawing of Elsa from Disney's new movie Frozen. I love the plot in the mocie and how they are all scandinavian and oh my, its's so magical and wonderful. I will never be too old for Disney. Definitely think you should consider watching it, I've watched it twice already hehehe.

Wednesday morning.

Its not even six yet and I have already got dressed, made my bed and taken the dogs for a walk. I think I caught a cold from being in the swimming hall yesterday, I've got a really soar throat today. But other than that I feel pretty good. Now I'm just going to drink tea until I have to leave the house to go to school and try to get rid of this nasty bug that's making my throat hurt. 

Street style: Olivia Palermo.

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo by stylebyminnie featured in olivia palermo outfits

Hello handsome.

 My little Night Fury 

street style: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr by stylebyminnie featured in miranda kerr outfits

Au revoir mommy!

So I just got back hom from taking mum and grandpa to the airport, they're headed of to thailand for aprox 4 weeks. Anyway, it is finally friday and weekend again, although i have a rather busy weekend. I will be spending tomorrow on some essay writing and on Sunday I'm having friends over. Have a lovely weekend folks!

Reality check.

Okay everything is back to normal. Homework is being handed out, test dates are being set and essays are to be written, oi oi oi. Best to get started as fast as possible. I have promised myself to not procrastinate as much this year. Well preferably not procratinate at all but we all do it even though we shouldn't or maybe it's just me. 

It's hard out here.

So today is the last day of freedom before I have to go back to school. It's been sooooooo nice to have a break from school but I think it will be good to get back into the normal rountines. No going to bed at two o'klock in the morning and waking up the same time twelve hours later. And I have promised myself to work much harder this term and use the gap periods efficiently which I was really bad with last term.



New in: Zara

Playsuit which I think will look great once it get warm outside with tanned legs and a pair of heels.
A white blazer that you can match with pretty much anything.

super trio.

I woke up at around 10 o'klock today got dressed and ready, took some photos with Emma before she had to catch the train home. After I had dropped her off at the station I had to head over to my little cousin Cajsa to help her out with her new system camra. So me, Cajsa and Mollie (cousin) went up to the mountain and took some pictures of the landscape and I helped her with the settings.
Mollie sneakily took my camera and took a photo of me while on the phone.
Mollie quoting some titanic "I'm the king of the world".
Cutest sisters Cajsa and Mollie.
Cajsa focusing on her new camera.
Mollie took a photo of me.
I showed Cajsa some different settings to capture nice lanscape pictures.

Gothenburg with the girls.

So I'm now on the train home from Gothenburg with Emma and Anna. I bough a really cute jumpsuit/play suit at zara. Zara has such lovely things, definitely one of my favourite shops. But I've been really good and didn't spend too much actually so I'm proud of myself. Have lovely Saturday night folks. 

And then it was Friday.

So it's Friday and in less than one weeks time I will be back at school. When you're off school for a long time it gets hard to keep track on which day it is, Wednesdays feel like Fridays and you wake up not really knowing which day it is. I'm sure it's not just me whose felt this. Anyway, have a lovely Friday everybody!

Powder pink.

powder pink
powder pink by stylebyminnie featuring juicy couture jewelry

we're burning one hell of a something.

January 1st started of pretty good. Now lets have an awesome 2014. I have a feeling this year will just fly past really quickly which I guess is good because in 2015 I will be graduating and hopefully with the Diploma. But lets make this year amazing and memorable with lots of fun, family, friends. 

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