Essie #856

I am just loving this colour from Essie, this one is in the colour #865 / Warm & Toasty Turtleneck.
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Adios winter. Hola spring!

... And thank god it's friday. This weekend I am just going to chill out, study a little bit and just regain some strength and energy. I feel like I had a pretty bad week so far and I've been so extremely tired. Maybe the thought of winter being over and spring being here will make me feel more positive and gove me some extra energy. Have a lovely weekend!



I just got home a while ago and I've had a really busy day today. First I had to go to school of course and then I had to head over to Internationella Engelska Skolan where me and my friend Hanna work for CAS. After that I got on the train home and when I got home I went out to walk the dogs. So I've been rather busy and I'm really tired. So happy it's Friday tomorrow! 


Back to school tomorrow

I've had a lovely halfterm holiday but tomorrow I have to go back to school sadly. I hung out with good friends a lot and today I actually went running for the first time since it got cold. It felt so good to put my headphones on with some good house beats and just run. I have a feeling my legs are going to be really sore tomorrow from not running in such a long time. 

Dj Tigerlily.

This Australian mermaid makes the most amazing mixes. The mixes are just so incredibly catchy and just makes you want to get up and dance your ass off haha. But seriously, I downloaded one of her free mixes which is about one hour long and I cant stop listening to it. You should check her soundcloud out if you like house/electro music.


These two fragrances are absolutely fantabulous! They smell so nice and fresh without being overwhelmingly strong. In fact all the CLEAN fragrances smell wonderful but these two are my favourites. 


Dr. Denim jeans, H&M tee, Primeboots, Zara sunnies, Accessorize bacelets, ring and earrings and budda bands.

Monday and no school.

Hola! I'm just walking over to the station to pick up my girly girl Shady. It's really sunny outside which is making me so exited an happy. This halfterm holiday couldn't have started off better! 

Good mooooorning.


Flappy Bird!

Okay, I have been playing Flappy Bird for the past week now and it has been driving me crazy. It's crazy actually how this game has gone viral so extremely fast. And I think that I have a love/hate relationshp to this game because even though it annoys the crap out of me I still want to play it. I guess that just shows how successful this game is. Anyway to get to the point. Here is a my latest Youtube video which is all about Flappy Bird. Remember to set the video for HD for better quality. 

Happy valentines!

Single or not, happy valentines!
Lots of love! 

Oh, dear tumblr.



It's almost halfterm alredy! I'm so happy to have this little break come up, I feel like I need a break. Ofcourse I will have to study during the break since I've got biology, economics, psychology and a loooot of swedush assignments to do. And not to mention, I have a feeling spring will come early this year. Okay it snowed this morning bur the entire afternoon the sun has been shining (to the point where I put on my sunnies), the birds were singing and for once it was still light when I got home. 


Yayy it's Wednesday already! Tagg means I've only got two more days until sportlov which means sports break I'm English. I haven't got anything special planned for the break which is soooo nice, means I can just chill the entire week. 

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink.
Pretty in pink. by stylebyminnie featuring Giuseppe Zanotti

Blame it on my wild heart.


Thank you gramps

It's Fridaaaay.

Yesss! It's finally Friday again and I'm so happy about the weekend. This week has been maybe not one of my best weeks but at least I'm not sick any longer and this afternoon I'm going to go into town with my girl Shady who's getting her ear pierced. 

Valentines is coming up...

Since valentines day is coming up fairly soon I figured I would put together a collage now that I have TOO much time because of being sick and home from school. Anyway, I'm actually feeling a better so I think I will have to go to school tomorrow because I need to catch up in all my subjects. an then it was valentines.
an then it was valentines. by stylebyminnie featuring what to wear with black flats

Sale at Zara

Zara is one of my absolute favourite places to but clothes. They have so many nice things with usually really good quality for the relatively low prices. These are the things I got on my last visit at Zara about 2 weeks ago. All of it was on sale.

What to do when your sick..

... Drink lots and lots of liquid apparently. I don't even know how many cups of tea I've drunk over the past 3 days and I still feel like rubbish. So today I went to the doctor and found out that it's not just a little cold I've got. I've been prescribed medicine for my ears, airways and a really bad throat. Today I spent most of the time reading, drinking tea. texting and playing candy crush. 

Mommy is home!

Late yesterday evening my mum got back from her 3 week long holiday in Thailand. She brought back really nice for me and my brothers. I got a pair of Roxy flipflops, baby pink kaftan, budda bands, a sarong, black lace shorts, VS showergel and a really cute bikini. So thoughtful of her. No jokes, I literally look like ghost next to her, she's sooooo tan. Good job the snow is melting, maybe it will get warmer here in Sweden soon. 

Dalia's 18th.

Yesterday evening was spent by celebrating my gorgeous friend Dalia's 18 birthday! Had so much fun dancing, singing, eating and just having a lovely time with lovely girls. Everyone had dressed up really nice and the cake was just OMG so pretty, and all the adorable cupcakes and cakepops. I think I was on a sugar rush the entire night from eating all the sweet things. I wore a pencil skirt and a Doroty Perkins goldtop and a pair of black heels.
Dalia the birthday girl, myself and Shady...
Shady giving me a piggyback ride...
...And a selfie of me.

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