Tuesday's lows

Dentist problems, G4 project, maths test are at the top of my "I don't like"-list. This morning at the dentist pretty much ruined my mood today. I rarely let things get to me like that but the dentist was just too much. Then we had to start our G4 project today which was okay but it's another thing that will take a lot of effort. And, to top it off I have a mathstest tomorrow. I'm just thinking how our days off from school on Thursday and Friday will be soooo nice. So now I'm going to make myself something nice to eat, food sorts everything.

hey sunshine.

Brandy Melville dress, Minkpink canvasbag, Primeboots, Accessorize neclace and bracelets,
Zara sunnies and Snö of Sweden earrings.

Last nights.

Hollister jeans, Forever21 top, Jeffrey Campbell loafers, Thomas Sabo necklace and bracelet, Snö of Sweden earring and a very old brown belt. 


Just been at school today and then had to go work at the English school to get my CAS hours, actually had a gear time with the kids and Hanna today. And not to mention, the weather is really nice now. So happy to be able to wear my spring jackets and nicer shoes. Here' a picture from last year in May, hopefully I'll be able to go out with bare legs again soon. 

belated happy easter.

I hope you all had a nice easter with family and friends, and with lots of yummy food and sweets. I got so many sweets this year, I don't really know what do do with it all.

holland trip 2014.

Day 1. We woke up, got all of our last bits an pieces together and put all of our luggage in the trunk of the car. Then we drove across the bridge which joins sweden to denmark. Then we drove through denmark until we got to the border where we took the ferry across to Germany. Once we got to Lubeck we stayed on night at a teeny tiny little hotel for the night. When we had freshened up we headed over to a very nice german steakhouse and ate some amazing food. After dinner we went back to the hotel, watched a movie and went to bed.
Day 2. We woke up in our tiny hotelroom, took our showers and had breakfast and left as soon as possible to drive to Holland. We drove for about 4 to five hours and when we finally got to the right area we drove to the hotel. We had such trpuble finding the hotel, we even ended up getting out at the wrong one. When we finaly found it, we were all tired, hungry and felt really sticky from sitting in the car so long so we took our showers and then we went to have some proper Dutch pancakes, amazing! After we had stuffed our facec with pancakes we went to see Emma and Anna's cousins for a littlw while before we went back to the hotel for a good night sleep.
Day 3. Me and Anna woke up extra early to get ready for our trip into Amsterdam. We had breakfast and headed over to the trainstation to get our tickets which cost us about €40 in total and they didn't check our tickets once! So annoying. Anyway, we got in to amsterdam, looked at the big map and headed to our favourite shops. We went to forever21 where we both bought stuff, then we went to about 10 other stores without buying anything. Then we had lunch at La Place where they have the most amazing food. After we had refilled with energy we spent about one hour trying to find the street with Abercrombie and Brandy Melville whick we eventually did find. I bought a really nice dress and a basic top at Brandy Melville, I love that shop. After that we were both so tired we decided to find our way back to the station and meet up with Emma and the rest to have dinner and then go to the hotel for some well needed sleep.
Day 4. We slept till about 8, had breakfast and got ready to go to a history museum. The area which we stayed in has a lot to do with the great war so Emma and anna's uncle took us to this museum which was all about the second world war. When we were done at the museum we went to have some grilled sandwiches and then the parents dropped us off at the cousins house whee we hung out outside and waited for two of the boys friends to come. Then we just shilled out on the trampoline outside and enjoyed the sun until we decided to grab our skateboards and go for a ride. When we got back it was time for supper and we also watched insidious 2. We got back at to the hotel at about ten chilled out in our room and then went to bed.
Day 5. We woke up, got ready, packed all our bags and checked out from the beautiful hotel we had been staying in. Then we went for a big easter lunch at the cousins house before we left holland to go back to sweden. After lunch we all said "good bye, see you in the summer" gave everyone a hug and hopped into the car, and off we went towards germany where we would spend the night. 
Day 6. We got up and packed all our bags again, checked out and went into lubeck for shopping but little did we know that it was a banking day so all the shops were closed. Even maccey D's was closed, we should have taken the hint then but we didn't. So we had to walk all the way back to the car without having done any shopping. Then we drove to the german border, got on the ferry, had a little something to eat and drink, then drive through denmark. As we got closer and closer to the swedish border we were all waiting for our 4G to switch back on again so we could check our instagrams, snapchats and facebooks, such internet junkies we are. When we got to halmstad I said good bye and hopped on the train home where mum picked me up and took me home. When I got home the first thing that i did was to get my cuddles from my boo JackJack, then i went and took a shower and unpacked, and went downstaris to a yummy barbie. 
I know this post was long and no one is probably going to read all of that but that's what i was up to the past week, and I have had so much fun. I love travelling so much!

I'm home and off to school

I got back from an amazing trip with my best friends. Got back late afternoon and had a nice barbie with the fam because the weather seems to have improved, thanks god for that. Finally! I'll post more about the trip later today, now I'm off to school, back to reality. 

Amsterdam, we're coming for you

Me and Anna are sitting on the train on our way to Amsterdam. One thing I just love about holland is the fact that there's free wifi pretty much everywhere. Pretty awesome f you ask myself. 

Pancakes, cute guys and 5 hours in a car.

So today we drove from Lübeck to Nijmeigen where we are staying. As soon as we got to the hotel I took a nice refreshing shower and got myself freshened up to go out and have some proper deutch pancakes, I kid you not, they were the best fraking pancakes I have ever had, sooooooo delishious. After that we headed over to Emma and Anna's cousins and hung out fro a while and now im just sitting here on the floor in our hotelroom uploading footage I gor from the trip so far. Tomorrow we will be going to cetral Amsterdam, soooooooooo freaking exited!

Hasta la vista

I'm so exited for the trip. Were just having tea and then were going to jump in the car and drive. Were going to break up the trip so we will be staying the night in Lübeck tonight and keep driving to holland tomorrow morning. And apparently, the weather is going to be really nice. 


I've almost done all my packing for the trip, I just need to put the last few things in and I'll be done. I'm so exited and I'm sure the trip will be so much fun. I remember last year when we drove for 8-9 hours and we had so much fun on our way down, but boy were we tired of sitting still and our butts and legs hurt pretty bad.


Here are two pictures from last night at my girl Shady's 17th birthday party. A lot of loud music and dancing and pretty pink birthday cake made the evening amazing.  I wore a white dress from Thailand that my auntie got for me like 2 years ago and I hadn't worn it once. Will post more pictures once I've got them.

Friday night.

I'm so happy it's friday and even happy it's spring break!!!! Can't wait for next week because I will be off to Holland with my best friends, I'm so so so so sooooo exited. And tomorrow night my boo Shady is having her 17th bday party which is going to be so much fun. What a great start to the holidays!
I look so short in this picture haha.

Good day, happy Minnie.

I'm just sitting with my macbook on my lap in bed, and I'm just thinking what a lovely day I had today. the rest of the week has been pretty ehh not so good.
I only had 2 lessons, then I had to head over to the english school and work for the afternoon with my girls Emma and Hanna. The kids were really sweet and honest (hehe very honest) and one of them came up to me and told me how much she loved reading my blog everyday and it just made me smile so much! I mean thats just sooooo cute!!! And I've also had a really nice conversation (as always) with a really nice friend of mine called Klein this evening. And now I'm just going to finish of the evening with an episode of vampire diaries. /xoxo

And now you're just a ghost.

Only a few days to go until we get let off for easter break, I can't wait! I'm so exited and I've got something sp amazing planned! I just hope it gets nice and sunny because this rain is just so flipping boring.

Go away Monday

Star for life.

 Here is the vlog I have been wosking on for CAS from Star for life two weeks ago, it took alot of work to edit but soooo much fun learing new skills. Please like the video if you enjoyed it, also subscribe to my channel for future videos. And remember to set it for HD as always.
Big thank you to my girl Emma who helped me to get the majority of the footage in the video!

I'm alive.

Hi to those of you who still check in on my blog. I'm terribly sorry I havent posted any entries but boy have I been busy the past week. I have literally been studying non stop for a presentation I have tomorrow and now im just looking forwards to doing the presentation and having it over and done with. Enough with the rambling...
Here are some pictures from my instagram from the last couple of days.

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