My lovely Hollies Jacket.

A few months ago (august) I invested in a really nice jacket from Hollies. It has a lovely, big, fluffy part along the edge of the hood and boy does it keep me warm.
I know that wearing real fur can be a touchy subject for some people but to be honest I find it a little bit silly. No, I do not like the ways that some companies use to kill the animals, I find it quite terrible. But if you don't like ithe fact of people wearing real fur, then in that case you shouldn't wear leather jackets, no leather shoes and actually you shouldnt eat meat either because otherwise you are contradicting yourself, in MY opinion. The methods used for leather are actually veeery similar to the methods used for fur. 

Postat av: Anonym

Så go jacka!!

Svar: Tack så mycket :)
Minnie Barnaby

2013-11-17 @ 16:59:27
Postat av: Anna Malm

Jättesnygg jacka som ser riktigt varm och go ut! Kram! <3

Svar: Tack Anna! Den är så go, fryser absolut inte in den!
Minnie Barnaby

2013-11-17 @ 19:16:13

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