Pink n' tweed.

pink n' tweed.
pink n' tweed. by stylebyminnie featuring a fit-and-flare dress

Rugby Saturday!

Thanks giving!

So yesterday I had school as usual and after school me and Hanna had to go do our CAS hours at the English school. After we had finished at the English school we headed towards Emma and Anna's place for a big thanks giving dinner. The food was amazing and there was soooo much food! After we'd stuffed ourselves with we all cuddled up on the sofa to watch Man of Steel. So I had a lovely day yesterday with my best girlfriends!


christmas wishes.
christmas wishes. by stylebyminnie featuring lace up ankle booties


Oh tumblr.


just another Wednesday.

Today was just another regular Wednesday. To be honest I think autumn is my least favourite season of the year. You get tired of school, it's dark outside when you wake up and when you come home from school, it's cold outside and the sun is nowhere to be seen. I would think there are a bunch of people who can agree with me on this. But it's almost december and christmas isn't too far away now which is very exiting and the winter holidays are coming up in a few weeks, yay!



rebel baby.

Rebel baby.
Rebel baby. by stylebyminnie featuring timberland boots


simplicity. by stylebyminnie featuring blue tops

It's friday!

It's finally friday! This week has been exhausting so I'm really looking forwards to having the weekend off. My package from Missguided arrived today which I'm really exited about. The clothes are so nice! I really didn't ecpect such good service and quality. I shall show you the items I got tomorow. 

The fishtail braid.

Here is my latest video! This s a very quick and easy little tutorial of how to make a fishtail braid. Make sure to set the video for HD or the quality of the video will be noticably horrible.  


Have you heard the new Little Mix album??It is so so good it just makes me want to get up and dance. I've already downloaded the entire album and I've now got it on my iPhone which I'm very happy about. I think you should really listen to some of the songs from their new album, it's totally worth the it! 

From my tumblr

Cookie Monster is very wise.


My lovely Hollies Jacket.

A few months ago (august) I invested in a really nice jacket from Hollies. It has a lovely, big, fluffy part along the edge of the hood and boy does it keep me warm.
I know that wearing real fur can be a touchy subject for some people but to be honest I find it a little bit silly. No, I do not like the ways that some companies use to kill the animals, I find it quite terrible. But if you don't like ithe fact of people wearing real fur, then in that case you shouldn't wear leather jackets, no leather shoes and actually you shouldnt eat meat either because otherwise you are contradicting yourself, in MY opinion. The methods used for leather are actually veeery similar to the methods used for fur. 

White shirt.

I'm wearing: Zara jeans, Zara shirt, Accsessorize earrings, Minkpink canvasbag and primeboots.

My little love.

iPhone 5C

I am absoluteley in love with my new iPhone!
It was about time I got a new phone. I had the old iPhone 3GS for a long time but now I've finally got one thats more up to date. It's so remarkably fast and the camera quality is rather incredible since it's just a phone. Both front view camera and the main camera have been improved from the lastest version.
Apple, yet again, amaaazing products!


Picture 1: a cheeky little selfie before school last monday morning.
picture 2: Blinka came to visit, such an adorable  little puppy.
 Picture 3: Before i headed of to take the bus train to school.
picture 4: A screenshot from my latest youtube video (october favourites haul.)
Picture 5: me being a naughty girl and not paying attention in class and decided to draw wonder-woman. picture 6: Throwbackthursday photo from when i was in England just chillin' on the lawn with the old woffah.
Picture 7: one of those "I miss summer so much" pictures.
Picture 8: expressing how very exited i was to go back to school, NOT.
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It was supposed to last forever he said.

Today is just another one of those typical-swedish-weather days where it's windy, the skies are gray, it's raning and its cold. So a day like this would be the perfect time to take out your books and study, but nope! Tumblr has decided to distract me from doing my revision so I'm going to share some of the  random stuff from my tumblr feed. 


Here are 3 pitures from times when I've had little photo sessions for my past outfit posts with my dear friend Elin. These are the ones where I'm being all hyper and the crazy-Minnie really came out. Once you really get to know me I let loose which I should think Elin can agree on too.  I hope you enjoy these pictures that weren't really meant to be shown.

Those hot summer days - #throwbackthursday

I miss summer so much! it's getting really freaking cold and I do no like it, not one little bit. 


Grunge by stylebyminnie featuring jersey shirts

October Favourites Haul.

 Here is my October Favourites Haul. Make sure to set it for HD of the quality of the video will not be as good. If you liked it make sure to give the video a thumbs up, you can also comment you favourite item or just tell me what you're loving at the moment. Also subscibe for future uploads. 


autumn in London.

autumn in London.
autumn in London. by stylebyminnie featuring black leather boots

Can't wait to go back to school - said no one ever.

Back to school again, and once again monday. I really needed that midterm break with lots of sleep-in's, good food, family, friends and lazy days. So yeah, back to the regular IB life with tons of work and assignments with some regained energy... which will be lost fairly soon I should think. 


Indie. by stylebyminnie featuring elephant jewelry

A little pop of color.

Hollister Jeans, Zara knitted sweater, H&M jacket, Hunter wellies, Accessorize necklace, Accessorize earrings, Accessorize stack-of-three bracelets, RiverIsland bracelet. 

My little tramp's birthday.


Halloween bash!

Hope everyone had a great halloween last night, I certainly did. Thanks to my awesome friends!

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