Beach with the fam.

Went to the beach with the cousins today, had a great time fooling around with the youngsters in the water. I'm like a big baby myself when I'm around young kids, theyre just so cute!

The amazing feeling you get when you just got your salary.



I've got my beachgear on and I'm ready to meet up with Elin to go buy some sushi to bring with us to the beach. We are going to have an amazing time. I better put som sun protector on today becase it reeeally hot outside. I'm going to need a few swims in the sea.
In my new Victoria's Secret (pink) bikini I got i London.

Busy busy summer.

Had a lovely day in gothenburg with the girls today. Good food, lots of shopping, trying on silly cstumes and just having a blast. I've been so busy this summer compared to last summer with friends, family and work.

It's ALWAYS nice to come home.

I've had the most amazing time but it's nice to be home again. I'll upload photos when I get home.

Day with la familia.

Today I met aunty Sarah, uncle patric and one of my three cousins. Hadn't seen my cousin for years and years so it was lovely to see him again. We played crocket in the garden with one of his friends. I've had a lovely day and the weather here is amazing. I hope the weather is as nice back in sweden.Me and PopPop at the pub.

Hello London!

Yesterday Ganny and I took the train in to london, grabbed a blackcab and headed straight to Oxford street. We also went to Bont st where Victoria's Secret is located and I got some lovely stuff in there. Then we moven on to Regent st. We had lunch at John Lewis which was a complete disaster, so we ended up having afternoon tea at Liberty's but that wasnt really what we had expected from such a nice place. 
Trying on hats at Liberty's

Fairy godmother.

I'm having the most amazing time here on the countryside of england. I got to meet my wonderful godmother Laura fro the first time in about 3 years, it was so amazing to be able to stay with her for one night and meet her little kiddies which are absolutely adorable.

Hasty la vista Sweden, I'm off to London!

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