Looking back at 2013

Had a little photoshoot with friends.
Went to the Netherlands with Emma and Anna.
Most beautuful city, Amsterdam.
Saw some wild horses out on the country side in Ninemeigen.
Dyed my hair brown.
The spring arrived and i had an "Alice in wonderland" moment.
It got warm enough to wear shorts.
It got warm enough to go to the beach, the water was still pretty cold.
I finished year 10 and had 10 week long summer holiday ahead of me.
Celebrated midsummer and I wore a flowercrown which I managed to make.
Had my cousin Mollie over.
Went to London to visit family, friends and shop.
2 days after I Came home and went with my girls Emma and Anna to shop in Gothenburg.
I turned 17! And got a bright pink pennyboard!!
Went to the beach with cousin Cajsa and bestieboo Elin.
The leaves started to change colour.
Stood in line for about 5h to get 1D tickets for next year.
Got cold enough to start wearing my new winterjacket.
Went shopping with this little boy.
Recieved this amazing Christmas card.
Finished school. Me, Emma, Hanna and Anna, my lovely girlies.
Put the Christmas tree up.
Me on Christmas eve.


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