Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody!


So tonight is New Years eve. Yet another year had passed and the new year is right around the corner. I haven't got any New Years resolutions because it shouldn't have to wait up until eye years for you to actually change something about yourself or your lifestyle. But that's just my opinion. Hope everyone has a lovely night with family and friends.

Some Xmas goodies.


Looking back at 2013

Had a little photoshoot with friends.
Went to the Netherlands with Emma and Anna.
Most beautuful city, Amsterdam.
Saw some wild horses out on the country side in Ninemeigen.
Dyed my hair brown.
The spring arrived and i had an "Alice in wonderland" moment.
It got warm enough to wear shorts.
It got warm enough to go to the beach, the water was still pretty cold.
I finished year 10 and had 10 week long summer holiday ahead of me.
Celebrated midsummer and I wore a flowercrown which I managed to make.
Had my cousin Mollie over.
Went to London to visit family, friends and shop.
2 days after I Came home and went with my girls Emma and Anna to shop in Gothenburg.
I turned 17! And got a bright pink pennyboard!!
Went to the beach with cousin Cajsa and bestieboo Elin.
The leaves started to change colour.
Stood in line for about 5h to get 1D tickets for next year.
Got cold enough to start wearing my new winterjacket.
Went shopping with this little boy.
Recieved this amazing Christmas card.
Finished school. Me, Emma, Hanna and Anna, my lovely girlies.
Put the Christmas tree up.
Me on Christmas eve.

details in plum, New Years.

new years
new years by stylebyminnie featuring wide shoes



black and white from my tumblr.



I miss summer so so so so so much and being able to just walk out the door in a pair of shorts and a top and not having to think about the hundreds of layers of clothes to wear because it's so cold outside. It would be nice to get a nice tan and I'm sure we could all do with some nice warm days at the beach with your best friends and go jumping of the boardwalk into the refreshing water and then swim back to shore, luuuuuvely.

Christmas round 2.

Benefits of having parents from sweden and england is that i get to open prsents on the 24th and the 25th! I've got so many nice things this year. I'll upload pictures later on. Have a lovely chistmas day everyone! I'm going to stuff myself with lots of yummy food! 

Get ready with me for christmas!!

 Set it for HD as usual for better quality.

Last day of school

Me, Emma, Hanna and Anna. My lovely girlies!

Editing away.

I just filmed for my topknot video which I got a request for so I'm about to edit it now. It's so fun when I get comments and requests because it gives me new ideas and I really appreciate it alot. So hopefully the video will be up later this evening. Hope you all had a great day at school or what ever youve been up to. 



VS fashion show 13.


This years show was absolutely amazing! All the new PINK models and oh my! If you havn't seen it already you have got to see it. They're all so breathtakingly stunning, gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful!
English Queen Cara Delevingne, crazy!
Swedish Elsa Hosk, stunning!
Australian Jessica Hart, adorable!
South African Candice Swanepoel, sooooo amazingly beautiful.


All from H&M! 

shop 'til you drop.

Today I went for a shopping spree with the little girlies and we had a lovely time. I helped them pick out some cute things and they were just so sweet the entire time. I got some stuff for myself that were on sale which I'm really happy about. We had a "fika" (pronounced fee-ka, is a Swedish a kind of social coffee break where people gather to have a cup of coffee or tea and a few nibbles. Fika is such an important part of life in Sweden that it is both a verb and a noun.) at espresso house to get an energy refill and then we were up and going again.
Me and Mollie just taking a little break.
Tried on the most amaaazing hat!
Me at espresso house with an amazing chocolate cheesecake and chailatte.

Never stop

Right now  just sitting at the trainstation waiting for the train to come. Then I'm going to get home as fast as I can, pack my bags and go BACK to where I just came from and sleep over att the twins house because we have this Lucia concert early the next morning so they're letting me crash at their house for the night. Stress, stress, stress...

Zumba Tuesday

Today was very nice day because we started school late and ended early which meant I could catch the earlier train. So I met up mum in town did some Christmas shopping and then we walked home together, made an amazing bacon and egg sandwich. Then it was time for me to get my Zumba gear on and go dance for an hour. Great day! 


I present to you one piece of fine ass... Fransisco Lachowski

last night's.

Monki top, Tessie fur vest, Hollister jeans, Nome boots, Pearls for Girls bracelet, Tessie belt and H&M necklace.


So tonight's plans is a birthday dinner at my uncles house so all the Swedish family will be there which shall be nice. Have a lovely Saturday night every one! XxWhat I look like tonight, I've got my new necklace from H&M.

November Faves!

Made this video at the beginning of the week but completely forgot to share it here. As always, set it for HD or the quality will be rubbish. Like and subscibe!

new in.

Boots from Nome (apparantly made/designed by Tommy Hilfiger)
Necklace from H&M

Furrr real!

So there was a storm yesterday, this one was named Sven. I think it's kind of funny how we name the storm here in Sweden. Anyway, all the trains anfd busses to school were canceled today so I had to stay home and work on my stuff at home which was rather nice. 



I like my boys just like my tea, hot and british

Wednesday night in front if the TV with a cup if tea, just what I need after hassling around with essays and tests. 

this little boo


darling dear.

Hollister jeans, Darling blouse, Tessie belt, Primeboots, Snö of Sweden earrings,
Pearls for Girls bracelet and Accessorize necklace.

Baby it's cold outside.

... Because it's december! It's freaking december already and that means its christmas in 24 days, I get out of school in 19 days and it might even snow soon. Chistmas has to have snow or it's not christmas for real.

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